Watch “Buying and Selling” & “Property Brothers”!

Buying and Selling is Airing! We are excited to share that the new show we cast for HGTV, Buying and Selling, is airing on Wednesday nights on HGTV at 9pm/8pmCST. Check out the great cast of real people from Austin that we found. Also, check out Property Brothers, which airs right before it, as we helped cast season 2 & season 3 here in Austin!

Here’s how HGTV describes the new show: “Join the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, as they help homeowners sell their current home and buy a new property in HGTV’s new series, “Buying and Selling”. Jonathan renovates the family’s current home for a successful sale, while Drew checks out the best options for the family’s new property. Drew then oversees the selling of the renovated home and the buying of a new house.” (Source: HGTV)

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