Casting Notice for a SAG Student Film in Austin

We are casting a SAG Student Film called Sunny Square.  It shoots in Austin, TX between 11/28-12/6.  It is a paid student film being directed and produced by some very talented up-and-comers in the Austin film market!  If you or someone you know fits the below specs, please email us at for audition time, location, and other details.  Here is the information about the film and the casting specs:

Type of Production: Student Film (University of Texas – MFA Graduate Thesis Film – to be entered in the festival circuit)

Union: SAG – Student Film Contract

Rate:  All roles are paid.  For more details about compensation for this film, please contact us.

Shoot Dates: Wed. 11/28 — Thurs. 12/6 (most talent not needed all shoot days)

Shooting Location: Austin, TX – *All talent must work as an Austin local hire. However, if talent is traveling from outside of Austin, lodging will be provided as a courtesy.

Audition Date: Sat. 11/3 in Austin, TX

Callback Date: Sat. 11/10 in Austin, TX

JAMAL (Lead role): Male, 24-35 yrs. old, South Asian American (Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Arabic, Middle Eastern, etc.). His ideal age and ethnicity would be 26 and Pakistani-American, but we are open to any South Asian ethnicity in the age range listed above. Character description: Though a college graduate, Jamal never moved beyond managing his deceased-father’s convenience store. Lonely and frustrated, Jamal is thirsty for a change in his daily routine.

SELENA (Lead role): Female, 28-40 yrs. old, Asian (Cambodian, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc). Her ideal age and ethnicity would be 31 and Cambodian, but we are open to any East Asian ethnicity in the age range listed above. Character description: Selena was trafficked into the United States at an early age, working under cartels around the country. Little else is known about her, except that she is suspected to be a supervisor at a Houston massage parlor.

JAMAL’S MOTHER (Supporting): Female, 48-60 yrs. old, South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Arabic, Middle Eastern, etc.). Her ideal age and ethnicity would be 55 and Pakistani but we are open to any South Asian ethnicity listed above. *Knowledge of the Urdu or Hindi language a big plus — but not required. Character description: She is Jamal’s mother. She immigrated to Texas with her husband Farooq in 1986 – where she gave birth to Jamal. After Farooq died of lung cancer in 2009, she has been living alone with Jamal and often helping him with the store.

JULIAN VASQUEZ (Supporting): Male, 35-45 yrs. old, Hispanic-American. His ideal age is 38 years old. He is a tough cop who doesn’t take any shit. A good reference would be Gaff from Blade Runner. Character description: A recently promoted deputy investigator with the Harris County Vice Unit, Vasquez is committed to battling Houston’s growing problem of sex trafficking. He will never hesitate to airbrush ethics as long as the ‘good guys’ win.

Please email current photo and resume to be considered. Please put “SAG Student Film” in the subject line of the email. To submit, email

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