Casting National Commercial for Chevy

We are looking for very real types so you do not have to be an actor or a member of SAG to submit.

Product-  Chevy
Casting Director – Brad Burton, CSA and Kimberly Williams, CSA
Type of Production-  Commercial
Union-  SAG
Usage-  National Network & Cable (Also Regional Wildspot, 6 month Dealer (class A/B/C) Foreign, Theatrical, Industrial, Internet)
Conflicts- Automobiles, including SUVS/CUVS
Audition Dates-  Fri. 11/15, Mon. 11/18 and poss. Tues. 11/19 (In Austin, TX)
Callback Date- Wed. 11/20 or Thurs. 11/21 (In Austin, TX)
Shoot Dates (In Austin)-
ROMANCE shoots Sat. 12/7 & Sun. 12/8
WHEATGRASS shoots Wed. 12/11 & Thurs. 12/12

To submit yourself, please send a headshot and resume.  In the subject line put the role you are wishing to submit for.  Email submission to:


We are looking for the following:

These spots are snapshots of real people. They are not comedy characters or jokey caricatures. The humor should be inherent in the situation, rather than the people.  We do NOT want people coming in looking like your typical cowboy/rancher with wranglers and a cowboy hat.  Our hero guys are in work shirts/ flannels/ button-ups with jeans.  They should feel authentic, charismatic, relatable.  Women should be in similar wardrobe but the feminine form.  Not too much make-up…very natural.  The inner circle of friends should be in similar attire or in UT tailgating attire.

We should strive for authenticity in every element.



“Wheatgrass” Hero: Male, Caucasian, 38-48 yrs. They should feel authentic, charismatic, relatable.  The Wheatgrass man is not a caterer. He’s a serious hobbyist at the height of his game.  The master of ceremonies.  The center of the party. A man who’s been doing this for 20 years, the action really starts when he – and his smoker – arrive. Caucasian, in his mid-to-late 40’s and fit from a life well-lived outside, he’s a well-rounded man.  Successful in life and business. This is his moment to kick back and have some fun doing what he loves most. Entertaining friends and family with a helping of delicious meat.  He has to possess real charisma; he’s charting his own path in the world and we sense the spirit of this as he makes his way to the tailgate. He should have a glint in his eye, a playfulness- without being too overt about it. He’s the one that his group of friends all wait for; he makes every meal an event. He takes his BBQ seriously and throws a kick ass party. No copy – spot is M.O.S

“Wheatgrass” Wife: Female, Caucasian, 34-40 yrs.  The perfect match to our man. The spark of the party. She should feel present, but this is his day.  No copy – spot is M.O.S

The Inner Circle Friends: Male, open on race, 35 – 60 yrs.  Great interesting faces – a variety of looks.  They give him an extra hand when he needs it. They give him approval. They should be about his age, a few older. Two possibly much older… The elder statesmen.  Perhaps the men he’s replaced at the pit. His teachers. It should feel like this is the crew that he’s run with every game day for years. We will be booking 10 of these friends.  No copy – spot is M.O.S


“Romance” Hero: Male, Caucasian or Hispanic, 34-50 yrs. The Man is a confident long-time farmer/rancher. A Caucasian in his mid-30s to late 40s, he has a sparkle to his eye. Good-natured. Quiet, but always quick with a quip. Educated and work oriented, he’s a man’s man. The kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with.

Male Farmhand:  Male, Caucasian, in his 50s. Not stereotypical cowboys, they’ve spent their lives working the farm. Experienced, they know the Chevy Man as a longtime business partner, and have been expecting him warmly. Interesting faces.

Female Farmhand: Female, Caucasian, 30s – 40s.  Not stereotypical cowgirls, they’ve spent their lives working the farm. Experienced, they know the Chevy Man as a longtime business partner, and have been expecting him warmly.  Interesting faces.

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